Guama Crocodile Farm Cuba

Guama Crocodile Farm

One of the biggest attractions at Guama is the Criadero de Crocodilos or Crocodile Farm, a huge complex displaying Crocodiles throughout their whole gestation cycle. Operated by Ecotur, the Criadero de Crocodilos is a Crocodile Farm breeding facility for the Rhombifier and the Acutus (known in Cuba as the caiman) species of crocodiles, large aquatic reptiles, and a sanctuary for sixteen species of endangered reptiles. As the largest crocodile farm in Cuba, the Criadero de Crocodilos has more than 100,000 residents, kept in a variety of pools. As part of Guama, the Crocodile Farm is incorporated into the resort right in the middle of the Laguna del Tesoro, part of the Natural Park of the Zapata Peninsula.

Crocodile Farm Guama

In this breeding center you´ll find the crocodile separated into zones depending on their size. There is a guided tour which takes 45 minutes. 1st you get explanation about these majestic reptiles and then you are shown a skeleton. Then you go through the swamps to see the live ferocious animals in their natural habitat, from the babies to the largest adult crocodiles measuring up to 5 meters. They also do a demonstration of how the Taino Indians used to hunt them with a bow! And you can see how fast they eat their food when breeders throw them something to eat. The incredible thing about this tour is that you can touch them, and even take photos next to them. Children can hold a tiny alligator in the palm of their hand, it is a truly incredible experience for the younger ones. If you feel like trying the local delicacy, there is also a ranch where you can eat crocodile meat from the Crocodile Farm.